1mw Roof Top Solar grid connected system installed in Taiwan by Delta Electronics, 
World Games Stadium at Kaohsiung for World Games 09'
Solar Industrial Water Heaters
Racold Solar water heating systems provide turnkey solutions for all types of hot water needs.

 These are available for applications like cleaning/washing in Bottling Plants, and various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Dairy, Food Processing, Poultry, Textile etc. Feed water for boilers in various other Industrial applications.

Advantage Racold:
  • A dedicated team of Racold engineers oversee each and every aspect of the project right from need identification to design commissioning
  • Stand alone Solar Systems or Integrated Systems with conventional boilers
  • Customized solutions for ensuring availability of hot water at a specific temperature
  • Payback period of 2 to 4 years
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